Same day cash

Many people have experienced the ‘bad month’. A pile of unexpected bills and sudden essential expenditure – however well you normally manage your monthly finances, these sorts of events can throw you into chaos. That’s when you may need to be able to call upon a bad credit payday loans.

What is a same day cash loan?

Sometimes you may need money – and fast! Conventional loans through banks may be fine for larger items but because of the sums involved, they typically require a detailed application process that may take some time to reach a decision.

It is possible though to take out what’s called a payday loan. As the name implies, this type of cash advance loan is typically for smaller amounts to help you get through to your next payday – usually between $100-$1000, though these amounts will vary depending on your chosen payday loan company.

Once you do get paid, you repay the loan in full immediately (plus any interest and fees) and therefore avoid lengthy repayment schedules and commitments etc.

How fast can it work?

The benefit of dealing with smaller amounts over short periods is that the risks for the lenders are lower, so typically they can move faster than in the case of a conventional loan.

The specialist providers of payday loans have websites through which you can make a simplified application and receive an almost instant online decision. If that decision is ‘yes’ then the money could be in your bank account within 2 hours – if your bank can accept immediate transfers. If not, then the money will usually be in your account the very next day.

What’s needed to get a fast loan?

Typically the requirements are simple. You’ll need:

an active US bank account with a debit card usable against it;
a permanent job and regular income from it;
a permanent US address where you normally reside;
to be asking for a payday loan that is within your financial ability to repay.

Will bad credit histories be accepted (online payday loans no credit check)?

Typically yes – although it does depend on ‘how bad is bad’ and how much you’re trying to borrow. You may find that if you do have a poor credit history then borrowing smaller amounts rather than larger may increase the chances of your fast cash loan request being approved.

So, if you need a cash advance on your payday, then looking at same day cash loans through the specialist payday loans companies on the internet may be a good idea.