I just came in from running errands. One of which was to stop by the Social Security office to pay them off!!! The balance was only $580 and the minimum payment each month was $20, but it’s another bill GONE!!! I took it directly to them and asked for a receipt because I wanted proof we’d paid it in full as of today, just in case.
You see when you owe social security if you owe them even as much as a penny and you decide to go back on it they will hold your ENTIRE first month’s check and NOT give you the difference. If you owe more than one check’s worth they hold the checks until it’s paid and keep the change. So since dh is nearly 65 and will be refilling to get his full benefits this time next year we wanted the US government to have plenty of time to get it recorded on the books that he was paid in full. Look how long it took them to let us know we owed them money and how much!
As most of you already know up until age 66 you are limited on how much you can earn a year and not have to pay it back—that’s how we ended up owing them even though we told them to stop the checks after he went back to work—they are VERY slow in doing things. Well dh will turn 66 in Feb 2016, so he won’t meet that maximum in January/February of 2014. We were told to come in Dec 2013 and he’d start getting checks in January 201. Which means I could too—if they didn’t have a hold on his money. So you can see why we want proof we’ve paid them off. I may hold off on getting my first check until Feb 2016 though because I will turn 64 in January of that year and 64 is a higher level of income, maybe it might not be since he drew money when he was 62. The woman I spoke with today thought it might make a small difference in the amount of my check. We’ll know closer to time.

I was happily married for over 13 years

so I can say “been there, done that”. While our finances weren’t the problem, I’m still MORE financially secure since I retain 100% control over my money than I was when married. I think thats the part I have NO plans on ever giving up again. I have no plans of ever worrying about money again.

I’d have to keep up with the essentials

until he’s back to regular salary. If you can barely make it on unemployment, MAKE IT. In our area amounts earned while collecting unemployment are subject to additional money earned during those weeks. Better check into that with the UE office.

As far as the Pizza places waiting for the “Kids” to return…they’re stupid. Why not hire a MAN with responsibilities who NEEDS the job.
But with the price of gas – maybe he needs someplace else to work that doesn’t require gas money.