Our landline phone, internet service and cable are all bundled

We have them on the lowest level plans offered.
Our cell phones DO NOT WORK inside of our house. With a small child in the house, we need a way to summon help if needed, so a landline stays.
We can’t cancel the cell phones, since they are under contract and have early termination fees.
We cancelled cable t.v. down to the absolute basic. Our t.v. does not work without some kind of connection. (Personally, I think it is a scam for this area. Where we used to live, about an hour away, you could simply plug the t.v. into the wall and get 10-15 channels. Not here. If you don’t have some kind of cable, all you get is static.)
The internet service has to stay on as long as possible, since it assists me in making a living. If I can not communicate with the office, no work.
In Ohio, you have to have insurance to drive. If you get caught without it, you will be fined very, very, very, very heavily. (Been there once with DH. No thank you.) If your car is financed, it must be fully insured. Since the cars are not paid for in full just yet, that is what we are facing.
We are trying to dig out of this hole. We are really working on it. Sometimes, I think that moving out of Ohio would be the thing to do. There are so many things that “you must” do.
Our credit card debt is minimal. Skipping is an option. Penalties will be steep and expensive. The interest rates will jump into the 25% – 33% range, depending on the account. Then, there will be the late fees ($35-50 per card.) If that puts you over the limit, there will be Over the Limit fees too.
It is the college loans, the mortgage, the car payments, the small loans that have to be repaid. There is one family loan, but we treat it like any other debt and pay it as well. Will never hear the end of it if we don’t pay it. We have called and explained that hubby is laid off, got the SIGH, huffy attitude and then “So, you are still gonna pay on time right?” Not kidding. This is what we are dealing with here.

Nobody gives a damn that my husband is not working is basically what I am saying. It is up to us. We are new to the Dave Ramsey way of life and we intend to work it to death and conquer our debts as soon as possible.
The news reported that in May the economic stimulus checks will be arriving. That will help. The income tax refund will help with the bills too. Hubby is waiting to hear from the people he interviewed with lately. He is also considering training to become a truck driver. Will learn more about this weekend.

How is the situation different?

Taxpayers pay for all mistakes through bankruptcy, hardship, social programs, debt reduction, etc. That is just a fact of life. If companies lose money on one customer who does not pay, they have to make it up by charging more money to the next customers.
Yes I am trying to change things, through forums, voting Libertarian, being a good example, etc… You give your advice your way and I will do it mine.