Well, several things just did not get paid

The utility bill, even spread out over a few months, had to be paid, so I called my brother, who paid it for us. We can not do without heat and electricity.
My doctor gave me some samples of some medication that was needed, that got us through until hubby got his first unemployment check.

I managed to list and sell a few things online, which brought in some $$$, but not the whole amount needed to avoid skipping some payments.

Several things just did not get paid. Plain & simple.
We are more determined than ever to bulk up our emergency funds so we are not at the mercy of a company doing this again. For now, we are prioritizing and paying the absolute essentials with the money that comes in. Once he is back to work full-time, we will forge ahead.

Hubby has been applying for more work. One thing he has encountered is this sense that people hesitate to hire him because “oh, he will just leave once the layoff is over”, even though he intends to stick around. We are determined to conquer the debt once & for all. He told them he would commit to 1-2 years if they want him to, in writing. Two offered him work, but only at the same shift he currently works. He won’t jeopardize his full-time job for a part-time job, which makes sense. He asks for a different shift, and the company balks. Like it is some kind of test or something. He is still putting his resume out there and is hopeful. Delivering pizza? He put his name in at a few places who are interested in hiring him, but they are waiting until the “kids” come back from their spring breaks before they will make a hiring decision. They advertised they were hiring. So, why aren’t they hiring?
The uncertainty is difficult.

Do you think your method is really working?

You are making people pissed off at YOU, not the debt, so therefore maybe you are wastign your berath and time and putting bad energy into the atmosphere because you are making people angry and upset.
YOUR method may not work for everyone. Not everyone needs TOUGH LOVE, some people just need education and guidance and they turn their whole life around. Has anyone on this list ever followed one piece of advice you’ve given with YOUR method?