Cut anything that isn’t necessary…

cell phone, home phone, internet, cable, etc. Sell something…Ebay, Craigslist, yard sale, etc. Do odd jobs…mowing lawns, shoveling snow, babysit, etc. Get a job delivering pizzas or waiting tables…you can make some money quick in tips (don’t have to wait until payday). Cut your budget down to the minimum….try and see what you can make out of your pantry and freezer instead of grocery shopping, carpool to save on gas and plan all your errands for one trip, don’t go out to eat – eat at home and check out a movie from the library for entertainment, etc. See if there are any programs, such as your church, that could help. Worst case scenario…if your heat was cut off, could you stay with friends or family temporarily until the issue is resolved?
I know if our heat was cut off, my mother or mother-in-law would insist we come to their house (especially since you have a toddler). When my DH and i were first married, he was a web designer and the tech bubble burst. He was out of work for a LONG time. He did whatever he could…bagged groceries at the supermarket, worked overnight stock at Target, etc.
It’s not easy, but you can do it! I’m sure others will have lots of suggestions as well.

A few suggestions

Any service that you pay on a monthly basis, call to cancel (ie cable tv, satellite radio) or reduce to a minimum plan (ie cel phone contracts) tomorrow first thing.
Look at what bills are due coming up. What do you not /have/ to pay? CC’s and optional services would be included in that list. You mentioned car insurance. How many cars do you have? If more than one look to your state laws to see what you have to do to properly cancel the insurance on all but one.
Does your church offer assistance for such things? Are there other charities you can tap at this time?