Well the good news is Texas finally approved my unemployment

I wish it had happened before I accepted this little $9/hr job I took to stop the bleed, or at least slow it. After 80 hours I will take home a whopping $560-600. Vs $479 a week tax deferred by staying home. (She shakes her head)

Geico finally decided to make an offer to settle. Don’t know how much it is yet, we’ve been playing telephone tag. But I’m sure it’s not going to be much after all the stupidity.

And I have an interview with the sheriffs office here tomorrow. Pays less than half of what I used to make, but it comes with “full benefits.” Not sure what that means. And I have an interview with kohls for holiday season in their (you’ll laugh) credit card center. That one pays a whopping $12-16/hr no benefits but will turn in to permanent mid January and then it will come with benefits and I know what those look like 😍

Just didn’t think it would be this slow going to find solid decent paying work.